Places to visit

Kavala is a city built on granite. Because of that, it is built amphitheatrically and the blue Aegean Sea create the port that has attracted many people over the centuries to come and leave their mark on this beautiful city. The many monuments in Kavala remind us of the many people who have been a part of Kavala’s history.

The Old City, an ancient settlement in Kavala situated around the castle wall, was built by the Venetians and makes this beautiful city a unique destination for a trip to the mystical ancient civilizations that gave Kavala her name.

You can take a trip into history and walk around the mythical trails beneath the castle which is connected with the aqueduct, also known as, the “kamares”.

Kavala is a city that had a history of merchandise and tobacco trade, and was an important trade center, worthy of mention. There is a Tobacco Museum where you will travel in time when the city experienced the greatest bloom.

We need to mention that particular historical value haw the “old city of Philippi”. At the ancient Theatre of Philippi you can see many ancient Greek Plays and concerts. In the Archeological Museum at the same site you can revive the first steps of the Apostotle Paul, and visit the baptistery, where the first Christian in Europe, Lydia, was baptized.

You can also visit the first Byzantine Church and see where the Macedonian Civilization of Philip the second flourished.

For the less bold, a visit to the Archeological Museum in the center of the city, can give you all the information about the history of this mystical and magical city, Kavala.